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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  July 14, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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fresh veggies on a blanket of bubbly cheese on freshly baked bread. and when morning rolls around, the new steak and bacon muffin melt with fluffy egg, melted cheese, and, oh yeah, bacon. all on a fresh toasted english muffin. mmm. guess we should leave you lovebirds alone now. crank up the flavor at subway. . you're watching the station that works for you. abc 2news at 11. >> the sykes just opened up and like -- it was like week being on a ship at seas. >> the host of extreme makeover home edition talks about downpours that have pushed the baltimore city building project into overdrive. good evening. i'm kelley swoop. this week's showers and thunderstorms have wreaked havoc on the project.
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now the fast based build has to go faster. tye isn't worried about getting it done. >> going to get done. yes. it has to. so the question is whether will we be on time? >> and we all know tonight the answer to that question depends mainly on the weather. let's get right to wyatt with the first forecast. >> yeah. just about two and a half inches of rain for most of us in just 48 hours. it's good we are getting a break. you can see things quieting down big time just a stray shower or two out there. in fact temperature wise we have cooled off in a number of spots. still hanging onto 81 degrees. it's a muggy night but as we look ahead to tomorrow you can see what happened. temperatures rice rising but the sun back. you notice a lack of rainfallt. looks like a chance to dry out and get the project going big time for extreme makeover. more weather in just a couple.
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>> you know with all the bad weather we have had barring a miracle it seems unlikely the team will be finished with the new girl's hope home in time for the sell scheduled reveal on friday. work stilln 't its around the block. driven by the kind of story are you about to cement we are live at the site as we are talking to a woman whose family was help bid another extreme makeover a few years back. >> reporter: that's right. they are trying to make up for lost time. they had a lot of problems with this rain early their week but the work continues. they would like to dot reveal friday. use mentioned we did talk to renee. she runs the freedom hill riding program in cecil county. it was in a lot of trouble until extreme makeover home edition stepped in. >> on horse back mike porter get around just about as well as anybody else. >> there you go.
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great. >> reporter: he has been coming here five-years learning to keep his belly button in front of his nose. >> good mike. >> reporter: it's only when mike climbs down from the horse that you notice he has a spinal disorder. he said without the freedom the riding program he might not even be walking. >> so many more things i can do that i might never -- on my own two legs. >> reporter: renee runs the program. >> okay. show wherey leg is now and go into posting. >> reporter: her husband died after a long illness. >> my house had fallen into disrepair, the barn. >> reporter: the program was in danger, that's what extreme makeover home edition showed up in the fall of 2007. her home was completely renovated. >> just a total miracle when extreme makeover home edition approached us. >> reporter: the team even built her that indoor riding
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ararena. >> you get to ride inside and aren't getting rained on. the surface they built is very good for me. >> reporter: now the program is up to about 100 a week and there has been other benefits. three people who saw the show donated horses like sonny from a woman in california. >> keep your foot up. walk on. >> reporter: since her build she has volunteered with the extreme makeover team on five other homes including the one being built this week for girl's hope. >> just to be able to give back and help another person who is in need is just wonderful. >> reporter: she said she has turned a part of the home into a bed and breakfast that helps raise her program. tonight what is going on inside the home is they are doing a lot of the dry wall work in the basement and on the first floor. coming up we will hear more from the host of extreme makeover home edition on what those rain delays have meant for the project. for now live in northeast
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baltimore. >> i'mm wired. >> you would have to be after 14 hours of work at the build site zeke came down after leaving work yesterday and stayed through the night and into the morning. he said he knows is he giving back to the kids and it keeps him motivated. he said it made watching the sun rides fun. local framers standing by to help. not the kind of framer that you might think of. the staff of the framer's -- has them tapped by the extreme makeover crew. they wouldn't tell us what they will be framing but whatever it is it'll be -- they will have two days to get it ready for the big reveal. >> sounded like a train coming. looked south and saw the car flying through the air coming toward us. >> reporter: a car nearly crashes in to a store after
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hitting three other cars. it happened along route one in hartford. shoppers and workers inside rooms with a view design studio were in disbelief. >> you think a car could go -- that would go air bound that high but it did. just about right through the store. >> reporter: police say the driver may have been under the influence and was flown to shock trauma. a driver in another war cast also taken to the hospital. family and friends came together to remember a life cut short by violence. the woman was found shot to death inside a car early saturday morning. tonight those who knew her held a vigil at the spot on west 22nd where the killing took place. >> and tonight the parents of a howard girl arrived where the 16-year-old has had multiple surgeries. earlier today emily's classmates came together for a
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prayer vigil. emily and her grandmother both doing missionary work for the suicide bombing last weekend. elm they say her story reinforces the need for forgiveness. >> this is what the world needs and emily is in an amazing place now to be able to try to do that in one of the most difficult ways. >> reporter: 76 people were killed in that bombing. baltimore city residents who were the victims of home burglaries may be able to get their stuff back and help police at the same time. today investigators laid out thousands of dollars of stolen property taken in the home. he robbed at least fine homes in the eastern district over the past six months. they hope resident also see something they hope think is theirs and com forward. if you are the victim of a
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burglary and think any of this stuff is yours call the district police. >> john hopkins. a look into the future of auto safety. it was a demonstration including the world's first rear inflatable seatbelt. >> as the head moves forward and the bag -- the neck and the head during the crash even. this reduces the risk of injury to the occupant. >> reporter: one of the most popular features was the parking assist. the technology parks your car for you hands free. bp gets the green light to go head with the testing of the new well cap they hope will contain the gusher in the gulf. >> the test was stopped for a day while officials considered
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possible outcomes. the pressure tests start that may led to the end of the oil spill. the former vice president said an operation last week went well and is he recovering. the heart attack was his 5th since age 37. no surprise that a lot of folk who cheat on a spouse end up in court as in divorce. in mississippi having an affair can land you in jail. >> one night he didn't come home. i had called the hospital and the police station thought something had happened. then found out he was at this young lady's house. vhe found a law on the books more than 150 years. to put her husband and his mistress in jail for six months. a chilling mystery continues to unfold in texas. locate there is nothing
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legendary about this animal shot and killed by a farmer. >> the claws on the toenails. >> reporter: even animal control aren't sure what to make of it. previous sightings have been explained away as hairless dogs. now dna testing is being done to determine if the myths have turned in to reality. >> since bursting onto america's tv screens the guys in those old spice commercials has gotten more popularity. he has landed a role in the movie. >> one of your favorites. weather wise 87 degrees. three quarters inch of rain. a lot of us got more than that and temperatures headed up well above 90. forecast straight ahead. >>
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. the diabetes drug will likely stay in pharmacies but will be sold with stricter warnings labels or restrictions. today a majority of federal health experts voted to keep the pill on thexmarket despite proof that increases the rick
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of heart attack. just weeks after launching the i-phone 4 apple is fighting to save its reputation. early this week consumer reports said it wouldn't recommend the new phone because of the flaw in its design. if users aren't careful how they hold the phone calls dropped . many think that a recall is imminent and it's the only thing that will save apple's reputation after this. >> apple blames the problem phone faulty software but they won't give the phone the recommended approval until apple gets a free fix. if dating sites like aren't good enough for you beautiful may be just what you are looking for. before you can be a part of the network have you to be voted in by current members based on your looks. today nearly six million people have been rejected.
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the dating site features a fertility form for members to offer their dna to couples who want a beautiful baby. >> if you are in the unfortunate position as a couple unable to have a child you will want every advantage. like it or not beauty is an advantage. >> the commercial pitch man for old spice has used his good looks into a huge success. now he is a viral video sensation. he has been responding to questions in dozens of videos on youtube. one of them came from abc who asked how the president could win the support of women. he suggested the president always appear only in a towel and open the state of the union address with hello ladies and close the speech with a presidential ab point. speaking of abs, sonic the
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hedge hog had better use -- someone remade the game in which sonic grab golden rings but now instead of gold its onion rings and each one makes him gain weight. as in real life run around can help him burn off the excess calories. we told you to say good identify to the pt cruiser. now we know what's replacing it. the windows xp may be at risk to hackers. what you need to for cyber security. >> reporter: a warning to anyone in greater baltimore with a computer using windows xp. as of today millions of xp computers could become at risk for hackers. that's because microsoft stopped updating the service. it'll continue to update service pack three. if you have sp two. the pc won't get the latest security updates. how do you check? if you use xp go to my computer and then click on system
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information. the properties box will tell you what -- if it's sp two down load sp3, it's free. more children's costume jewelry on the recall list. justice and limited two are recalling 137,000 pieces of jewelry because of high levels of a toxic chemical. if you have any check with the store. stay good-bye to the pt cruiser. the car that helped bring on the retro revolution much the last has just rolled many off the line. it was built in mexico. the cruiser turned heads when it first appeared in 2000 and led the way for the cars like the hhr and the dodge challenger. if you like quirky retro cars don't despair, the line will soon start making out tiny fiat500's in america. for more of the reports go to
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the web page so you don't waste your money movement as we told you earlier the race is onto complete the extreme makeover in baltimore. let's go back to christian live at the build site. they are so many weather situations earlier in the day. >> the at stewed of most volunteers and worker social security unbelievable. you consider what they have gone through to try to get it done on time. you will see on the outside of the thome there is now brick outside -- a lot of the work -- inside the home in the basement they have pretty much finished all the dry wall in the basement level and are now right now at this hour working on the dry wall on the first floor. today it's tougher because inside that thome they are trying to do that operation where they are drying everything out out there. are all kinds of heaters -- while that hot air is blowing. it's a very tough job going on inside the home right now.
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earlier in the day the host of extreme makeover home edition talked about what they need to get it done possibly by friday. >> we will be able to finish this thing but will need baltimore's help to do it. it'll take a lot. we have battled the storm >> reporter: okay. back live now. you can see that there is a number of -- it's really past 11:00 and all these people are still out and will be here all night as the work continues around the clock. i talked to the project manager a short time ago and in addition to all week long we have been asking for more skilled volunteers, carpenters, brick masons,s they could use tomorrow are the unskilled volunteers, people who just want to come out and help and contribute something to the project because they need things like the yard cleaned, a
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lot of track trash, things that just need to be cleaned up some of the final work can be done. if you haven't been out to work and saying what can i do tomorrow just night be the day to do it. we will follow the project all the way through until it's done. for now live. abc 2news. >> now. the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate and maryland's most powerful radar. >> you know you could contribute something to the build to by giving us nice weather for the rest of the week. >> tomorrow is its day weather wise if you haven't been out to help yet. tomorrow will be the day. sun, dry it out. chance to catch up because it's going -- behind all week because of the weather. let's take a look outside. inner harbor. we have a muggy night in progress. quiet, no thunder, no lightning, no rain coming down. that's all good news. 77 right now at the airport and very similar numbers downtown.
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i want to show you the radar. it's more quiet than its been in about 48 hours here. finding one shower, one shower alone over the epochas peculiar. just offed shady side where we are tracking the one shower. other than that between saint michael's and the other received the bay we are looking at basically just quiet weather statewide and that's a good thing. look how much range would the. uninch and two thirds at places like churchville. so hit and miss in terms of how much rain we saw today but it's interesting the look at the tower cameras across the state. the weather net cameras and motion. clearing off nicely in frederick. then late in the evening many baltimore that murky. to a nice blue sky. that's how we will start the day tomorrow. have you to love that. mid80s were the highs today for most of us but 90s west where the sun came out early. we were up toward 90.
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tonight around the 80 and muggy. 78 for you there in annapolis. want to take you out, show you, very muggy conditions hanging on for now. slightly dryer air. for all the moisture we will see the evaporation. at least the sun back and a great chance to do the building down at the big site there for extreme home make every. clearing from the west. we have a few additional clouds off shore. that's the last of that disturbance moving out. high pressure settling in. plenty of sun for tomorrow and into the day on friday. looking good in terms of that. forecast model. let's show you the details. plenty of sun. a few clouds mix in. stay dry and then into the day on friday. another boundary sneaks in. chance for rain at the pennsylvania but i think we will dodge most of that. overnight 70, partly cloudy, just a stray shower possible.
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just one or two. tomorrow 92 degrees. the sunshine back and fortht. will be hot and humid. be ready for that and tomorrow night 73 with just a flew clouds. the seven day and the trend is going to be hotter and sunnier. those two words sum it up. the chance for a hit or miss shower or storm saturday. other than that things looking much more summer like in the outlook. we will be right back.
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. press box sports report. presented by mr. basement. >> this is stan the fan charles with the press box sports report. here is the three big play that led the flat league to a win last night. it was the nl's first all-star win in 13 years. ryan braun with the diving
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catch in the 4th. finally this amazing play by marlon bird in the bottom of the 9ing first place braves -- gonzalez and two young prospects. in return the blue jays get escobar and reyes. gonzalez 17 home runs and 15 rbis more than any it short stop. the heat closing in on signing howard. with just seven weeks until the opener the 60-year-old head coach of vanderbilt stopped down. they were just 29-66 during his tenure. the new press box print edition hits the street tomorrow or read it now online.
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. the 91-year-old great grandmother and the love of her life is 46. rachel is talking about her car. she loves to drive the car. it's out lasted three husbands and one mechanic. it has enough miles onto do to the moon and back. >> never lied to me. she has never cheated on me and i can always depend on her. that is the truth. >> the price back in 1964 was just under $3,300. to see her story go to the website. let's take one last live look at the extreme makeover site? baltimore.
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the crew still needs your help. tomorrow morning the biggest need for dry wallers starting at five. trim carpenters and then unskilled volunteers who can help with anything from picking up the debris to helping out where are you needed. you are encouraged to show up on the site and for a complete coverage you can head to the website. >> huge day for them tomorrow. sun back, hot in the 90s. be ready for it. >> thank you for watching. we are back tomorrow. have a great evening.
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